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98.6 - Inphinity Tunes ‚Äč

98.6 Degree is the perfect body temperature. 

So what better to name a playlist for Phlebotomy Training Center? 

To make the cut songs need to connect to Inphinity Phlebotomy one way or another, so either its something Medical, Mentions a Body part, Reminds us of a skill or simply is a CPR rate song you'll find it here. 

In this playlist you'll find songs like:

  • Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi
  • Under Pressure - Queen, David Bowie
  • Remedy - Adele
  • Rebel Heart - Madonna
  • Stayin' Alive - Bee Gees
  • Your so Vain -Carly Simon
  • How we operate - Gomez
  • Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson
  • Breathe (2am) - Anna Nalick
  • No Scrubs - TLC
  • Words are medicine - Tim McGraw
  • Phlebotomy Suite Part IV: Why don't you give me your blood? - Chrome Rhino

Know a song that isn't on the list let us know, we want to add it. 

Groove to the tunes Inphinity Phlebotomy Style.